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King’s College Hospital Increases Imaging Capabilities With Two ACUSON S3000s

King’s College Hospital, part of the King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has recently increased its imaging capabilities with the installation of two ACUSON S3000TM ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare.

The units, which image up to 40 patients per day at the hospital respectively, were primarily chosen for their excellent versatility and imaging capabilities. The S3000’s advanced imaging technology is already assisting with the evaluation of chronic liver disease patients. This is in part down to the ACUSON advanced eSie FusionTM imaging tool, which enables the automatic fusion of 3D CT volumes with real-time ultrasound in a single click. The system has also allowed King’s College Hospital to perform liver elastography imaging procedures with eSie TouchTM Elasticity imaging. The tissue stiffness assessment tool helps to facilitate assessment of chronic liver diseases, allows focal lesion analysis using linear, curve and endocavity transducers in many situations. The system’s excellent ergonomics have also provided staff with an improved user experience when performing procedures and transporting the system.

“Clinicians at the hospital have been impressed with the versatility of the technology. The range of applications means that staff can offer patients an increasingly accurate diagnosis,” states Paul Sidhu, Professor of Imaging Sciences and Consultant Radiologist at King’s College Hospital. “The system is essential for performing liver ultrasounds and the excellent image quality has made a real difference in the evaluation of chronic liver patients.”

“We are very pleased that King’s College Hospital has chosen Siemens’ advanced ultrasound technology to increase imaging capabilities within the hospital,” states Michael Asare, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “The S3000s are benefitting both staff and patients by enabling an accurate diagnosis and offering an enhanced user experience for clinicians.”

New CT Technology Advances Capability At Nottingham City Hospital Thanks To Charitable Community Donation

Nottingham City Hospital, part of the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, has chosen a SOMATOM® Definition AS+ system to bolster its CT department and enhance patient care during imaging procedures.

The system procurement was facilitated by a member of the community, James Redgate, who left a donation to Nottingham Hospitals Charity in his will. The system is imaging up to 30 patients per day, and staff have reported that the simple and well laid out user interface enhances workflow.

“We are currently using the system for a variety of different procedures. These currently include general oncology and neurology work, as well as stroke and vascular procedures,” states Paul Holland, CT Superintendent Radiographer at Nottingham City Hospital. “While we have been impressed with a number of the system’s features, one of the most important results has been that the system is able to reduce acquisition times especially for our cardiac/vascular gated procedures. Our continuing focus on enhancing patient care has enabled us to offer new services such as Dual Energy procedures for metal artifact reduction in Orthopaedics and kidney stone characterisation. We have now used the body perfusion protocol and acquired some liver perfusion as part of a research trial. In the future we are hoping to add brain profusion procedures for stroke patients and purposes,” continues Paul Holland.

“As we already have a SOMATOM Definition AS in the department, everybody is already well-versed in using the system so its user friendly interface and single-click simplicity provides clinicians with continued confidence when using the system.” “Nottingham City Hospitals’ future plan to add new services to its imaging repertoire is highly commendable and we look forward to supporting the team with existing and future technology,” states Sarah Sandhu, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “The hospital has prioritised patient comfort and the installation of the Definition AS+ will continue to ensure stress-free procedures.”

The Definition AS+ provides fast and accurate diagnosis and meets the demands for a reliable and flexible CT system for procedures such as trauma imaging, surgery and intervention. Clinicians have been impressed with the CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) features, enabling delivery of the right dose in combination with superb image quality.

Enhanced Confidence For Clinicians At Breast MR Study Day Hosted By St James’s Institute of Oncology

St James’s Institute of Oncology in Leeds recently held a Breast MR Study Day in conjunction with Siemens Healthcare. The event hosted Radiographers and Radiologists who shared knowledge and experiences of Breast MR service delivery. The event included lectures and practical sessions featuring live scanning demonstrations and a focus on post-processing.

“During my presentation, I talked about diagnosing breast cancer using triple assessment and about the complementary role of Breast MR in the diagnosis, local staging and management,” states Dr Barbara Dall, Consultant Radiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. “We were delighted to be able to steer delegates through the practical sessions in the afternoon and answer any questions. The general feedback from attendees was that the day enhanced their confidence in performing and reporting Breast MR examinations.”

The sessions were wide-ranging, with one focused on image acquisition and post-processing, highlighting the dedicated 16 channel Sentinelle breast coils featured on the Siemens MAGNETOM® Aera 1.5T. The system supports a variety of breast coils which are enabled by the Tim Coil Interface resulting in flexible breast imaging options to meet the variety of clinical needs. Another session focused on the problems and practicalities of the imaging process, advising clinicians on how to keep patients at ease and provide a more comfortable experience.

“The feedback we’ve received from delegates has been excellent, with all attendees advising that the day will have a beneficial effect on their clinical practice,” states Jane Kilkenny, MR Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “Siemens holds a number of training events each year across the UK, and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship with breast MR clinicians into the future by providing the support needed to further enhance clinical practice.”

Leeds General Infirmary Offers Improved Scanning Experience To Young Patients With New SPECT.CT System

Children undergoing scans at a Leeds hospital are receiving an enhanced experience as a result of the implementation of new SPECT•CT technology.

Leeds General Infirmary has been able to offer significantly increased image quality and heightened diagnostic capabilities to patients following the introduction of a Symbia™ T Series SPECT•CT system from Siemens Healthcare. The system is being used by the adjoining Leeds Children’s Hospital for a range of paediatric procedures.

Younger patients have found the imaging experience less intimidating due to the system’s light aesthetics and in-built DVD player to put them at ease. The Symbia T was selected by the hospital in light of its affordability and functionality, following a comprehensive comparative exercise with systems from two other imaging suppliers. With the advanced and highly integrated diagnostic Symbia T Series SPECT•CT expanding the role of nuclear medicine into routine surgical planning, orthopaedics and advanced cardiology, the system is being used for a broad spectrum of nuclear medicine studies, including bone scans, DMSA scans, MIBG scans, renal procedures, melanoma sentinel node scans and DAT brain scans.

“Siemens Healthcare’s Symbia T SPECT•CT system is allowing us to produce images of much greater quality when compared to our previous single-slice system,” states Meg Bould, Nuclear Medicine Team Leader at Leeds General Infirmary. “The quality of the images has increased our specificity and has aided us in terms of diagnosis. DAT scan procedures are also a lot faster using the system, helping to improve levels of comfort for patients.”

Meg Bould continues, “The SPECT•CT system is very easy to use and our team of five radiographers have all got on with it tremendously well since its installation. It has been particularly beneficial for more precise localisation of abnormalities on bone scans as well as assisting with renal work – both areas in which we are seeing increasing levels of demand.”

“We have been very impressed with the versatility of the Symbia T scanner from Siemens Healthcare,” adds Dr Fahmid Chowdhury, Clinical Lead of Nuclear Medicine Services at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. “Not only has it proven fit for purpose for our varied nuclear medicine workload, it has in fact exceeded our expectations in some areas. The system’s ability to produce hybrid SPECT•CT imaging of excellent quality has already led to noticeable improvements in diagnostic confidence in some of our more challenging clinical cases.”

“We are delighted the staff at Leeds General Infirmary have experienced such positive results following the installation of the Symbia T from Siemens Healthcare,” states Philip Tesh, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “As a flexible nuclear medicine system, the solution is designed to handle the requirements of busy departments and to be intuitive to use. We are confident that it will continue to enhance diagnostic confidence at the hospital.”

7 Out Of 10 Providers Around The World Say Clinical Usability Is The Number One Factor When Choosing An EMR

Nearly 75 percent of interviewed providers around the world reported that clinical usability outweighed every other criteria when choosing an EMR. This, as well as which other factors are driving provider decisions and which vendors hold the most mindshare, is included in the latest KLAS report on global EMR market share.

"The surprise in the feedback is the uphill battle that perceived lower cost vendors are facing as providers weight their selections heavily toward usability and technology, and just how much that battle is benefiting higher cost solutions," said report author Chris Brown. For this report, entitled "Global EMR Perception 2014: Usability and Integration Driving Mindshare," KLAS spoke to provider organizations around the world to determine which vendors are being selected and why, what criteria are most important, and what scares providers most about implementing such technology.

For more detailed information visit KLAS online at The report is available to healthcare providers and vendors. Providers receive a significant discount off the standard retail price or can receive a complimentary summary report in exchange for a survey about one of their current suppliers.

Procura Attains Mobile Milestone Topping 3 Million Mobile Healthcare Visits

The Procura Group of Companies announced today that a new record has been achieved with their industry leading mobile healthcare solution securing their position as the most successful provider of mobile community and home care services worldwide.

Today, the Procura Mobile platform has successfully supported the delivery of 3.4 million visits. Additionally, the growth in mobile device use on the Procura platform is growing faster than any other mobile solutions with 1 million visits served every three months. This is forecasted to increase to 1 million visits per month by 2015. The Procura Mobile platform has been in use globally since 2011 providing a mobile solution for home and community care providers across the globe. As the innovators in mobile, Procura continues to bring great technology that allows providers perform their care in the home through the convenience of a mobile device. The Procura Mobile platform supports healthcare visits across a wide range of devices, form factors and operating systems.

"Procura has always seen the use of mobile devices as a critical component in the delivery of the vision of Population Healthcare Management," stated Scott Overhill, CEO The Procura Group of Companies. "Our dedication to blending technology across the continuum of care reflects our vision of healthcare to focus the right tool for the right purpose. As an example, our smart phone solution is ideal for personal support services and routine nursing visits."

Polycom® RealPresence® Video Solutions and Microsoft® Lync™ Unify Video, Voice and Data Communications to Help Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Lonza Expand Global Collaboration

Polycom® RealPresence® Video Solutions and Microsoft® Lync™ Unify Video, Voice and Data Communications to Help Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Lonza Expand Global Collaboration
  • Solutions facilitate face-to-face collaboration with clients and contacts worldwide across 90 sites and 11,000 employees, to increase productivity, reduce downtime and travel costs.

Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), the global leader in open standards-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), have announced that Lonza, one of the world's leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries, is using a combination of Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010 and Polycom® RealPresence® video solutions, implemented by Polycom service provider partner Orange Business Services, to provide an end-to-end unified communications and collaboration solution to over 11,000 staff across 90 sites around the world.

St James’s Enhances X-ray Capabilities

St James’s Enhances X-ray Capabilities

  • Two Ysio wi-D X-ray systems from Siemens Healthcare assist high patient workflow in hospital’s Emergency Department and wards.

St James’s University Hospital in Leeds, part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, has installed two Ysio wi-DTM systems from Siemens Healthcare. Following the digital X-ray installations, chest imaging workflow in the hospital’s Emergency Department and wards has been boosted. In addition to wireless X-ray detectors for general imaging procedures, both systems also feature a vertical bucky for chest examinations.

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