Multiple imaging systems for The Royal London via long-term MES partnership

Multiple imaging systems for The Royal London via long-term MES partnership

A Managed Equipment Service partnership with Siemens Healthcare removes all equipment concerns allowing clinicians to focus exclusively on patient care The Royal London Hospital, part of the Barts Health NHS Trust has installed a wide range of new imaging and medical systems via a 35 year Managed Equipment Service (MES) partnership with Siemens Healthcare. Of the 27 systems installed, which includes CT, MRI, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, lithotripter and general X-ray solutions, 15 are from Siemens. Britain’s largest new hospital, The Royal London, requires leading edge imaging systems to provide innovative diagnostic solutions whilst keeping pace with high patient volume. Improved equipment uptime, clear financial planning with a predetermined annual charge and partnership working are some of the key benefits experienced by the hospital.

The MES partnership, which operates via a contract with the Special Purpose Company, Capital Hospitals Limited, provides a performance-based contract, and delivers an agreed programme for equipment provision and renewal on a pre-agreed schedule. All equipment concerns such as replacement and maintenance are taken care of through Siemens, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care with the added reassurance that systems will keep pace with evolving healthcare technology. The Siemens equipment installed includes: three MRI systems - a MAGNETOM® Verio 3.0 Tesla and two MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5 Tesla systems; four CT systems - two SOMATOM® Definition Flash, one SOMATOM Definition AS and one SOMATOM Sensation 64 system; three Artis zee™ ceiling mounted angiography systems; three Artis zee Multi-purpose fluoroscopy systems; two Symbia® T series TruePoint SPECT CTs.

“We treat a number of inpatients and outpatients on the first floor of the hospital, and a large number of trauma and stroke patients on the ground floor. The MES partnership with Siemens has enabled us to acquire a large number of high-end systems at once, supporting those patients and departments throughout the hospital,” said Matthew Trevail, Senior Superintendent for Imaging at the Royal London Hospital. “We particularly appreciate Siemens’ partnership approach – the MES team have close relationships with clinicians and front-line staff. In a fast-paced clinical environment, it is essential that we are working with a partner who is both visible and reliable.”

“The MES partnership with The Royal London means clinicians can focus on their top priority – patient care. Siemens is responsible for current and future equipment concerns, offering the hospital the peace of mind of a secure investment and a rolling equipment replacement programme,” said Ian Brookes, MES Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “A healthy partnership is key, providing hospitals with the latest technology to help support hospital workflow, productivity and patient care.”

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