Marketing in 2011 – IHT is now available in different languages.

IHT is now available in over 10 different languages ensuring everyone can understand your message.

A century is almost over and 2011 is just around the corner: From the team @ IHT we would like to reach out and wish you all a very happy end of year and New Year’s celebrations.

We also wanted to ensure we were doing our job correctly and let you know about a feast of online marketing opportunities @ If you feel that IHT could potentially deliver the message to the market you are actively targeting please feel free to contact us directly – we have a few early bird 2011 subsidy packages left for IHT which can incorporate videos, banners, flash and text based marketing materials.

Video interviews and discussions may also be implemented.

IHT delivers all types of formats including interviews, roundtables, case studies, news and Video. We attack the market directly utilising new technology and social media to drive additional traffic to the site. Users want to watch, hear and listen to the internet and 2011 will see the integration of more audio visual and podcasts.

IHT will reach senses other sites don’t. Internet marketing is highly flexible, always on and carries no deadlines – it delivers content to both known and unknown markets – those that know you by name, and those that don’t.

Company messages can be broadcast in a matter of minute meaning important company news and developments may be aired in a timely fashion without waiting for the print date. Web site news also doesn’t go out of date and is environmentally friendly. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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