dbMotion to Provide Connected Healthcare Solution for Ascension Health's Seton Healthcare Family

Healthcare IT and Technology News October 25, 2011. dbMotion, an innovative provider of connected health care solutions, today announced an agreement with the Seton Healthcare Family in Central Texas to implement its interoperability platform across the organization, which delivers care to patients in 11 counties. Interoperability is essential to providing a complete picture of a single patient's health status across a continuum of care.

According to CIO Gerry Lewis, the decision will advance Seton's commitment to fostering greater collaboration across its geographically dispersed health care enterprise. Key to the organization's selection of the dbMotion(TM) solution, he says, is the platform's capacity to harmonize clinical data that has been captured by and stored in the disparate health information technologies in use at Seton's diverse facilities.

A member of Ascension Health, the largest not-for-profit health system in the US, Seton is comprised of five major medical centers, two community hospitals, three rural hospitals, an inpatient mental health hospital, three primary care clinics for the uninsured and numerous physician practices. "Providers can make optimal clinical decisions only when they have a complete picture of a patient's health status," Lewis points out. "dbMotion integrates a comprehensive view of patient information and delivers it to the point of care in a format that providers can use. This enables Seton to leverage its existing investment in HIT, while creating a connected community across Central Texas to greatly enhance the efficacy of care delivery." Health care is increasingly about collaboration and coordination, adds Dr. Brent Sanderlin, Clinical Director for Ambulatory Solutions at Seton. "We are committed to nurturing relationships with community physicians and referral sources, and providing systems and solutions that will facilitate seamless transitions of care for improved quality and outcomes."

Deployment of the dbMotion platform began shortly after the agreement was signed at the end of June and will be rolled out across the Seton enterprise over the upcoming year. In addition to the interoperability platform, Seton will deploy dbMotion Collaborate, an application that gives providers a unified and up-to-date "snapshot" of a patient's care pathway on their desktop -- including encounters, admissions, lab results, etc. -- even when they are not the ordering physician. One of the most important benefits of the dbMotion platform, says Dr. Sanderlin, is that providers are able to access the semantically harmonized data within their existing workflows, rather than needing to exit one application and logging into another. "This workflow integration means that providers can use the information in a meaningful way, during the course of the patient encounter. It can be considered and factored into any clinical decisions being made in real time." "We are delighted to be working with such a renowned and visionary health care provider," says Peter McClennen, President of dbMotion North America. "Leadership at Seton recognizes that the future of health care revolves around engaging caregivers across the continuum, making sure they have access to accurate and actionable patient information when and where they need it."


Healthcare IT and Technology News October 25, 2011

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