Isaac Alexander Named Chief Software Architect Across Procura's Global Healthcare Software Platform

The Procura Group of Companies announced today that Isaac Alexander has accepted the role of Chief Software Architect for Cross Platform Teams.

Isaac has been with the company for twenty years, primarily as the Software Architect for the Procura Healthcare Solution. He has historically consulted to other products in the family such as Progresa Health Systems, ContinuLink, and Procura's Aged, Disability and Community Care solution in Australia.

The announcement indicates a departure from consulting, to playing a leadership role in the technological design of and between all products. In the his new role, Isaac will be responsible for working with each product's development team in order to create both intra-operability between software solutions, and interoperability with the greater technological innovations found across the continuum of care.

Isaac will be responsible for fostering technological leadership across the Procura Group of Companies, identifying and supporting the best technical employees. It will be his mission and goal to ensure that the design solutions for all products are ideal fits for healthcare providers, and consistently provide an exceptional user experience.

"Isaac and I started at Procura during its early days of inception," opened Scott Overhill, President of the Procura Group of Companies. "We've seen the product grow from a DOS based software package, to a fully-fledged healthcare platform. Through our acquisitions and organic growth, it was a natural fit for Isaac to expand his leadership role beyond one product and oversee all of our valuable software assets. Here, with Isaac at the helm, we can ensure that we can serve all the needs of our clients and allow them to use our solutions as the technological foundation for providing better care to patients, clients and entire communities."

Isaac has been instrumental in designing innovative solutions for the US market, building a platform that allows for user defined clinical content, assessments, and reports, and for the agency to serve clients across multiple business lines such as Medicare, Medicaid, Private Duty and Private Pay. Most recently, he has been able to lead the design for two new business lines for Procura: Procura for Hospice and Procura for Pediatrics. Isaac has also been the driver behind Scheduling Genius and Document Design Studio, and has been key to revolutionizing point of care innovation with Procura Mobile and the Procura Point of Care Server. Scheduling Genius and Document Design Studio are unique solutions found only in Procura, and have been the driving force in Procura being the pre-eminent scheduling solution for home care, and one of the industry's preferred enterprise platforms.

Procura Mobile has become an internationally recognized point of care solution for Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones, and as an integrated mobile solution for home care providers has led to the elimination of paper processes, increased operational efficiencies and additional savings for Procura clients. The Procura Point of Care Server has proven to be a ground technology, allowing caregivers to be in areas where there is no wireless access yet still document and assess clients and send information directly back to the home care organization.

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