Enterprise social networking for healthcare leader DocCom awarded Technology Strategy Board grant

Enterprise social networking for healthcare leader DocCom awarded Technology Strategy Board grant TSB grant to accelerate development of DocCom’s network, speeding delivery of clinical data to doctors for improved patient safety Bristol, United Kingdom, February 14th 2013 – DocCom, provider of the first cloud-based enterprise social networking platform exclusively for healthcare, today announces that it has been awarded a grant totalling £207,000 by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). The grant award, made as part of the TSB’s ‘Smart’ scheme, will be used to accelerate development of DocCom’s network and speed the introduction of its Clinical Alerts & Responses Extended via Social Media (CARES).

DocCom’s CARES project will harness – for the first time – secure social networking technology to improve clinical workflow by sending alerts and responses directly to clinician’s smartphones. The Smart scheme (previously known as Grant for Research and Development) is specifically designed to support innovation and stimulate the UK economy. The scheme offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology and fund successful new products, processes and services. The selection process is highly competitive, and companies are assessed against rigorous criteria. DocCom scored exceptionally highly in all assessment areas, leading to the major grant award. TSB grant assessors recognised the clear business opportunity created by DocCom’s innovation of enterprise social networking for healthcare. Currently, real-time communication between hospital staff is achieved primarily through the use of pagers. This is often slow, unreliable and does not allow remote collaboration.

Moreover, tracking of people and the accurate delivery of key data is simply not possible via these outmoded channels, and so clinical and operational decisions are frequently made without access to accurate and timely information. DocCom’s CARES Project will demonstrate the capability of DocCom’s secure enterprise network for healthcare to significantly improve support for clinical and operational activities in hospitals. DocCom’s founder and Managing Director Dr Jon Shaw comments: “As a doctor, I have experienced first-hand the difficulties that clinicians face in accessing clinical data in an efficient and timely fashion – and the dire results that lack of clinical data can have for patient care. This Smart funding of the CARES project will mean that, for the first time, clinicians will be able to have critical information sent securely to their smartphone, allowing more informed decision-making and better care for patients.”

Founded by doctors, DocCom is harnessing the very best social and enterprise networking technology and applying it to the unique requirements of healthcare professionals – empowering healthcare teams to securely find, collaborate, communicate and share with each other effectively, and giving healthcare organisations the tools and insight to solve specific business problems.

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