Catholic Health Initiatives Optimizes Nursing Care Delivery in Collaboration with Cerner Clairvia™

Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), the nation’s third-largest faith-based health care system, has improved patient-satisfaction scores and enhanced nursing-care coverage through workforce and operations solutions from Cerner, including the Cerner Clairvia™ suite.

A team representing fourteen participating CHI hospitals has worked since early 2010 to analyze the workflow of care-management processes as the first important step in improving the allocation of precious resources – including the time nurses spend with patients.

“We are optimizing every moment of care delivery and seeing higher levels of patient and staff satisfaction with Care Value System, the internal name for Cerner Clairvia,” said Barbara Caspers, CHI’s vice president of nursing operations and acute-care practice.

The efficiency of nurses is critical to ensuring patient safety, reducing costs and heightening patient satisfaction. Studies suggest that elements of the current hospital work environment contribute to inefficiencies and stress for hospital nurses, limiting the time they can spend on direct patient care. In fact, the Institute of Medicine cites in a 2012 publication that hospital nurses spend only about 30 percent of their time on direct patient care.

“Our goal was to implement standardized, team-centric processes supported by real-time, patient-specific progress data on the quality of care, costs and outcomes,” said Caspers. “We have achieved that goal.” “We have achieved substantial improvements in our patients’ clinical readiness for discharge, as measured by HCAHPS responses,” Caspers added. “In addition, premium nursing labor cost has been consistently declining across implemented facilities.”

CHI’s collaboration with Cerner Clairvia was highlighted in the spring 2013 edition of the Nursing Administration Quarterly. Additionally, Caspers was honored at the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) conference in March with the 2013 AONE Innovation in Technology Award. Cerner Clairvia supports care teams across the continuum by providing the information and resources needed for transitioning patients to their next level of care.

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