New Hearing Technology Credited For Better Quality Of Life Through Improved Hearing

Siemens Hearing Instruments has recently unveiled its latest hearing innovations to the UK and has since received positive feedback for its micon™ range of hearing instruments.

The micon portfolio, which has been welcomed by the audiology and patient community alike, includes the Insio™, Ace™, Pure™, Siemens Life™, Aquaris™, Nitro™ and Motion™ instruments. All of the micon products have been designed with enhanced speech clarity, natural sound and wearer comfort in mind. The portfolio provides exceptional feedback management with dual processing, which in turn means no more whistling. Improved directionality allows for clear conversations in even the most challenging listening situations. The platform works at 250 million instructions per second, 12Khz bandwidth and has up to 48 frequency channels. Situation detection automatically adapts to various listening environments and over time the technology intelligently adapts to the user’s personal hearing preferences. micon is making an immediate impact on end users and providing them with excellent sound quality and speech understanding for a better quality of life.

Jeffery F, a wearer of a Siemens Insio micon CIC (Completely-In-the-Canal) instrument says, “I have recently changed to digital hearing technology and use the latest top of the range Siemens CIC Insio 7mi complete with the hands free device controller and TV audio booster. I have found them to be so comfortable that they have become a natural part of my life without me noticing. I can hear things I thought I had lost forever, for example, birds in trees that seem miles away and the tick of clocks. I can honestly say they have made an enormous difference to my life - conversations are a joy after missing so many in the past. There are similar products on the market but so far Siemens is a winner for me. I can strongly recommend them to anyone wanting a virtually invisible, comfortable hearing device.”

Karen Finch, Managing Director at The Hearing Care Centre has recently started offering the micon portfolio to customers, she states, “The team and I have been fitting the micon family of products and we have been very pleased by the patient’s descriptive summaries of their experiences. The doubled frequency channels and signal processing result in enhanced clarity for the wearer, a more natural sound and a faster reaction time to the surrounding environment. The technology is advanced and the benefits for patients have been excellent.”

“The recent launch of the micon platform has received great feedback from audiologists and glowing comments from end users,” states Mark Laben, Product & Marketing Manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments. “Hearing instruments with the new micon chip are meeting increasing demands for a natural, comfortable and high quality sound which allows a user to forget they are wearing a hearing instrument, resulting in a better quality of life.”

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