CONTINULINK Is The Driving Force In United States

The recent acquisition of The Procura Group of Companies (Procura) by Carrick Capital Partners was driven by the rapid pace of change in post-acute healthcare.

Through their extensive research, Carrick was overwhelmingly impressed by the ContinuLink software, which is Procura's SaaS, fully hosted agency management software solution that has experienced rapid client growth in the US over the past 24 months. One of the fundamental challenges of the industry is managing cash flow. With a robust and proprietary suite of revenue cycle management tools and integrated features, ContinuLink current supports over 850 unique payers in the system.

In addition to its Medicare solution offering, ContinuLink is the leading solution for Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, Private Duty, and Commercial Managed Care focused agencies looking to ensure that every dollar of posted revenue corresponds to timely payments. By minimizing and reducing write offs and adjustments, ContinuLink provides significant improvements in cash flow and financial benchmarking.

This occurs alongside efficiencies in reimbursement team support enabled by ContinuLink's electronic claims submission platform, industry leading eligibility, payer verification tool, PECOS management, OIG tracking, and integrated payer authorization modules.

"We believe that the pricing model and return on investment offered by ContinuLink is the most compelling product offering available to growing home health providers," stated Michael Greenough, Executive Chairman of Procura. "We are excited to have made the investment in Procura and are looking forward to providing the leading homecare providers in the US marketplace with unparalleled support from our ContinuLink product. Our culture is based on developing "customers for life" and we make a strong commitment that we will never sunset a product."

"As the leading SaaS solution for home health, staffing, and related post-acute lines of business, ContinuLink is an "off the shelf" product that has verified and tested payer settings for all major markets," said Scott Overhill, CEO of Procura.

"By offering customers a shared risk pricing model, our ContinuLink team becomes true business partners with the clients we support. In addition, by supporting all aspects of the homecare space, both in terms of service lines and payers, we offer a very compelling product to everyone from large platform agencies looking for a single solution across the US, to smaller providers looking for a single solution to enable growth and facilitate revenue diversification."

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