Procura Group of Companies Leads US Market

Procura Group of Companies Leads US Market

The Procura Group of Companies is pleased to announce they now provide Medicaid solutions for over 90% of the United States.

The broad reach of coverage from over 1,500 predefined Medicaid state and waiver programs covering 46 states is unparalleled. When combined with the existing service line and payer solutions, the company, through its ContinuLink Homecare Platform and the Procura Health Management System, is the only software vendor providing solutions for mixed payers and service lines. Providers can now easily enter and compete in their state Medicaid and waiver programs using ready-made tools forms and processes, helping them gain the efficiencies needed to thrive in today's competitive healthcare market.

With an estimated $65 billion per year spent on home and community based services in the US, the expansion into Medicaid services is a rapidly growing diversification strategy being used by providers. Success managing these mixed payer and service line environments is predicated on working with experienced partners that facilitate operating within the unique and changing attributes required of each state and waiver program.

"Experience simplifying the complexities of working in mixed payer and service line models is a unique advantage we bring to our customers. Our solutions have been helping providers thrive in Medicaid programs for over ten years," stated Scott Overhill, CEO, The Procura Group of Companies. "The real challenge for providers working in these mixed models is to create a highly efficient organization across the business and clinical operations, thereby reducing waste and improving the bottom line."

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