Sunquest Information Systems and Partners HealthCare Announce Strategic Alliance

Sunquest Information Systems and Partners HealthCare are establishing a strategic alliance to accelerate genomic-based medicine. The relationship involves a strategic investment by Sunquest into GeneInsight Inc. an IT platform company that streamlines the analysis interpretation and reporting of complex genetic test results. Partners is a majority shareholder in GeneInsight. In addition to the investment Sunquest and GeneInsight will collaborate on providing seamless genetic testing workflow capabilities to clinical geneticists and pathologists.

Sunquest and Partners have a shared vision for clinical genomics with the goal of developing a next generation genomic information system and knowledgebase that will speed the advent of precision medicine.

“With this relationship we will be able to bring new genomic knowledge to treating clinicians much more rapidly advancing the field of personalized medicine and ensuring that our patients and patients worldwide will benefit from the most up-to-date genomic information available at the point of care” said Anne Klibanski M.D.Chief Academic Officer at Partners HealthCare.

Partners HealthCare and Sunquest have a long history of collaboration and are in year five of a ten-year relationship and co-development agreement to enhance the anatomic pathology and laboratory information systems. Partners also recently began implementation of Sunquest as its enterprise pathology platform.

“We’ve had a very successful five-year collaboration focused on anatomic pathology and we are looking forward to expanding that model to clinical applications of genomics” said David Louis M.D. Pathologist-in-Chief Massachusetts General Hospital.

As sequencing costs plummet genetic data is increasingly available to diagnose treat and predict disease.Integrating this genetic information into the practice of medicine in a robust and timely manner is challenging. The key to doing so effectively is to reduce the high level of complexity inherent in the genomic interpretation process through the development of tools and infrastructure that enable the clinical community to identify track and annotate significant findings in real time and at scale.

Today only a small fraction of that data is accessible to researchers and clinicians. The GeneInsight and Sunquest strategy is to enable providers and laboratories alike to maximize their understanding of each and every genomic interpretation and to share this new knowledge with other institutions on a global scale. The investment into GeneInsight and its integration with Sunquest will provide the foundation for these efforts and provide the market with an IT tool kit for implementing and integrating genomics into routine diagnostic workflows.

“There is a need for a single complete and seamless laboratory information system that combines both a strong genomic IT platform with an anatomic pathology and clinical pathology platform” said Jeff Golden M.D. Chairman Department of Pathology Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “This type of technology will enhance utilization of critical clinical information by electronic health records.”

Matthew Hawkins Sunquest President added “This collaboration is perfectly aligned with our product vision and strategy. Sunquest wants to enable precision medicine by delivering solutions to make molecular and genetics-based diagnostics the standard of care accessible in all clinical labs. We have said all along that our systems must capture discretely store and provide decision support on genomic variant data. GeneInsight is built to do exactly that. With GeneInsight and a long term collaboration with Partners Sunquest is building a next generation genomics system that will reduce the cost and complexity of precision medicine. It is a great example of the innovative way Sunquest is bringing new solutions to our clients.”

Sunquest has a proven track record of bringing innovative solutions to market. Partners HealthCare is a globally recognized integrated health system founded by two of the nation’s leading academic medical centers Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. Earlier this year GeneInsight announced that VariantWire® a clinical consortium originally piloted in 2013 is now actively sharing data in real time through a “structured crowdsourcing” mechanism.

GeneInsight is enabling this secure data sharing and collaboration among participant consortium members and offering clinical laboratories across the U.S and Canada the opportunity to access information to help advance the field of personalized medicine. Uniting these market innovators will provide a significant opportunity to create a global genomic knowledge sharing network advancing their shared goal to bring a next generation genomics system to geneticists and clinicians worldwide.

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