Rapid's "PMR" and "Mother's Milk" Apps Receive Zebra Certification

The mobile applications "Patient Medical Record (PMR)" and "Mother's Milk," developed by Rapid Consulting, have both received Zebra Technologies Validation.

By adhering to rigorous testing and best practices policies, PMR and Mother's Milk were recognized by Zebra as deserving of their exclusive validation program. The Zebra Validation program is designed to place Zebra's seal of approval on apps and solutions which specifically work with Zebra's hardware and adhere to their high standard of quality. Only a handful of apps have received Zebra validation, though Zebra is partnered with many development companies across the globe.

As of this writing, PMR and Mother's Milk are the only two healthcare solutions to receive the Zebra Validated badge. PMR is a smart device application built to display a wealth of patient information, including sensitive and urgent material, on a mobile device. The app functions as an electronic patient record, capable of fast updates and comprehensive patient history storage. Mother's Milk is a mobile solution for matching and verifying a mother's breast milk to her infant in hospitals. Using Rapid's own H-Gateway server, the solution integrates into existing hospital infrastructure and processes nurses' feeding requests to protect against accidental or incorrect milk feedings.

Anton Ansalmar, founder of Rapid Consulting, had the following to say: "It's a real honor to get Zebra's validation on our solutions. Not a lot of companies can boast that a provider like Zebra has personally signed-off on their apps. It means a lot to Rapid and shows we have built some truly great solutions."

Mother's Milk and PMR are already receiving interest from hospitals and healthcare centers, and Zebra Validation should serve to increase the buzz even further.

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