7 Out Of 10 Providers Around The World Say Clinical Usability Is The Number One Factor When Choosing An EMR

Nearly 75 percent of interviewed providers around the world reported that clinical usability outweighed every other criteria when choosing an EMR. This, as well as which other factors are driving provider decisions and which vendors hold the most mindshare, is included in the latest KLAS report on global EMR market share.

"The surprise in the feedback is the uphill battle that perceived lower cost vendors are facing as providers weight their selections heavily toward usability and technology, and just how much that battle is benefiting higher cost solutions," said report author Chris Brown. For this report, entitled "Global EMR Perception 2014: Usability and Integration Driving Mindshare," KLAS spoke to provider organizations around the world to determine which vendors are being selected and why, what criteria are most important, and what scares providers most about implementing such technology.

For more detailed information visit KLAS online at www.KLASresearch.com/reports. The report is available to healthcare providers and vendors. Providers receive a significant discount off the standard retail price or can receive a complimentary summary report in exchange for a survey about one of their current suppliers.

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