Procura Delivers HR Document Framework within its Home and Community Care EMR

Delivering another "first" to the Home Care, Community Care, and Hospice marketplace, Procura has announced the delivery of its Human Resources Documentation framework. Recognizing that the most valuable resource an agency has is its people, the framework provides a means to incorporate virtually any form of document as part of an employee electronic record, with appropriate security and workflow automation capabilities.

"We realize that the implementation of a 'top tier' HRIS system that provides electronic documentation capabilities is expensive and can be all consuming for an organization," reflects Bill Bassett, Chief Market Officer for the Procura Group of Companies.

"The HR Documents™ framework and related workflow engine permits an organization to incorporate many of their electronic record-keeping objectives while keeping their costs low. HR Documents provides an agency with the ability to incorporate their own content in a structured and reportable manner. Therefore, if you already have a robust collection of paper-based HR documentation you can use them as the basis for their electronic equivalent. This further reduces the costs given that the investment has already been made and employees are familiar with the documents."

"Our vision of Procura is to add value to all departments within a customer's organization, delivering more than just an operational and clinical solution that are typical of an EMR. HR documents can be used to manage employee-related recordkeeping for recruitment, performance management, and virtually any other documentation requirement. Coupled with our workflow engine, documents can be triggered to display when they need to, meaning that your work processes can be incorporated directly within the system," says Scott Overhill, CEO of the Procura Group of Companies. "We've had this for our clinical documentation for years, and on the HR side it is a natural extension of our already industry-leading Scheduling Genius™, attendance management, and mobile solutions."

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