Open Source Health Announces openEMR Collaboration With More Then 50,000 Annual Downloads To Clinics In 200 Countries

Open Source Health Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with Medical Information Integration LLC, of Portland, Oregon, USA to add Open Source Health's technology for Integrative and Preventive medicine to their advanced openEMR platform making it the first of its kind globally. This will allow the thousands of clinics and practitioners serving millions of patients in over 200 countries to expand their practice from disease management to Integrative and Preventive Medicine.

"One of the barriers holding back the acceleration of integrative and preventive medicine is the Electronic Health Record platforms available in the USA and around the world", states Sonya Satveit, Founder and CEO of Open Source Health Inc. "Empowered Patients that want to take control of their health through an integrative and preventive approach yet have no systems support, this is holding back the adoption".

The EMR platform (known as the Electronic Medical Record or Electronic Health Record) is used to manage the patient's health record and provide medical practice management including back office functions such as insurance billing, provider calendar and prescription issuance. The USA, India Indonesia, Kenya and Mexico represent the top five countries utilizing the openEMR platform.

OSH is offering it's base functionality for integrative and preventive health to the open source community allowing the global dissemination to over 200 counties. Then, OSH will offer the thousands of practitioners and clinics the option to add OSH's proprietary Artificial & Learning technology, which acts a plugin to the openEMR platform, dramatically reducing the clinic's operating costs and increasing revenues as they expand their healthcare programs. OSH will charge a fee to the provider's for the use of the OSH proprietary technology as healthcare is delivered over the cloud.

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