PET-CT & SPECT-CT innovations showcased at the International Day of Radiology

Siemens Healthcare joined a number of societies from all over the world at the first International Day of Radiology in London to highlight the role played by radiology and radiologists in the UK and abroad. Siemens Healthcare demonstrated the latest advancements in PET-CT and SPECT-CT imaging using syngo®.via, highlighting the evolution of medical imaging technology and its ongoing medical and scientific benefits. The initiative, launched by the European Society of Radiology, the Radiological Society of North America and the American College of Radiology, commemorated the discovery of X-rays in 1895.

The day focussed on oncologic imaging, demonstrating the impact of radiology on cancer management, from early detection and prevention to treatment monitoring and follow-up. The aim was also to raise awareness of the role radiologists and radiographers play, including the level of expertise in radiological physics needed to support the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The latest additions to Siemens Healthcare’s range of SPECT-CT and PET-CT systems include the Symbia™ T and Biograph™ mCT.

The Symbia T is an advanced diagnostic SPECT-CT solution with 2-, 6- or 16-slice diagnostic CT, expanding the role of nuclear medicine into routine surgical planning, orthopaedics, advanced cardiology and more. The Biograph mCT includes reproducible quantification for the simple detection and monitoring of cancer lesions. A variety of SPECT-CT and of PET-CT images were displayed at the International Day of Radiology via syngo.via, a multi-modality advanced visualisation solution that automatically prepares cases for reading and reporting according to condition-specific requirements.

“A variety of imaging techniques and modalities were demonstrated at the International Day of Radiology. The aim was to highlight the evolution in technology, and build support for radiologists and radiographers using this innovative technology,” said Lawrence Foulsham, Molecular Imaging Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“For more than 130 years, Siemens Healthcare has been recognised as a leader in medical innovation. Our range our molecular imaging systems are designed with the patient in mind, enabling radiologists and radiographers to provide the best quality care and diagnosis.”

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