ETIAM Revolutionizes Medical Imaging With the New EIS Solution

ETIAM Integrate Solution or EIS is a universal content integration system that allows physicians and healthcare professionals to store and incorporate patient images and multimedia examinations within the healthcare enterprise.

"The solution," says George Hunt, VP of Sales, "is really a comprised suite of intricate software modules that we have developed over the years. Until now, we have not been able to pinpoint a full scale, single product that would allow healthcare administrators to get the most out of their imaging enterprise." The solution is built upon ETIAM's years of experience in healthcare connectivity and delivers a comprehensive integration engine for multimedia data produced throughout the healthcare enterprise.

Image intensive departments have relied on ETIAM Integrate to provide physicians, professionals, and educators control of images, video, sound, and documents to share with colleagues and for training and for use in seminars and presentations. ETIAM Integrate provides the means to improve workflow and quality of care in the operating room and in other clinical areas. ETIAM Integrate allows data interchange between clinical system components, the "image-centric" PACS, hospital information systems, and the electronic medical record.

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