Siemens Healthcare Launches New PET/CT System To Address A Broad Range Of Clinical Indications

Siemens Healthcare has launched the new versatile and cost-effective Biograph Horizon™ PET/CT system, which offers premium performance at an attractive total cost of ownership. The system provides clinicians with the capabilities required to serve a broad range of patients and expand into new service areas. It enables the use of all commercially available PET tracers, giving users the ability to address more indications in the specialist fields of oncology, neurology and cardiology.

The Biograph Horizon utilises 4mm LSO crystals to provide rapid scintillation with a high-light output, providing excellent image quality using the lowest achievable dose to aid clinicians with visualising small lesions. This in turn ensures a timely diagnosis which contributes to effective care pathways, helping to reduce patient side effects related to ineffective therapies. The system also offers built-in capabilities that automate routine tasks to increase productivity and streamline workflows. The Quanti•QC runs quality control procedures overnight to save precious clinic time, while scans can be performed in under five minutes, and reconstruction runs alongside acquisition for image delivery just 30 seconds after the scan.

The Biograph Horizon utilises the syngo.via® Molecular Imaging Workplace image processing solution to expand clinical possibilities and help clinicians measure and report with confidence. It offers automated tools to instantly visualise diagnostic information, automate pre-fetching, pre-processing, and display and comparison of previous findings. The ALPHA technology provides automatic registration with organ-based recognition capabilities and EQ/PET feature provides precise calculation of changes in tumour uptake.

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