SmartPager Launches Smartphone Based Medical Answering Service

After 6 months of field trials across 20 medical practices and two hospitals in California, Texas, and Arizona, SmartPager Systems is pleased to announce their latest healthcare communications offering. SmartAnswer is a HIPAA compliant medical answering service that can be used from a smartphone or tablet device. SmartAnswer replaces expensive, slow, and error-prone human answering services while improving patient experience.

In one example, SmartAnswer was able to reduce a 10 physician practice’s answering service costs by over 80% while also connecting the doctors and administrative staff more efficiently. Inbound text or voice communications from patients, hospital staff, and other doctors are sent securely to the right physician based on a practice’s on-call schedule. A Doctor can reply with an instant message or by making a quick call back while blocking their Caller ID.

At Scottsdale Healthcare’s Shea campus in Scottsdale, AZ, SmartAnswer now allows over 200 nurses to reach physicians with accurate information in real-time. “There is no more waiting by the phone for a return phone call….patient safety is enhanced,” writes a Registered Nurse, Ms. Bennion, from the Shea Campus. SmartAnswer provides significant cost savings not only for practices, but for the hospitals that use the system as well. Telephone usage by hospital staff can be reduced by up to 30% for the entire hospital, with a potential savings measured in millions of dollars per year for a multi-site healthcare system.

SmartPager has reported that since launching in January of 2013, they now have over 1000 users in 28 different medical practices and hospitals across the US and Canada. "We're very pleased with the uptake of our service" says SmartPager Founder Ben Moore. "We're changing the way doctors, clinicians, and patients communicate, and in the process we are saving hospitals and practices alot of time and money."

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