Procura Bridges the Patient Engagement Gap; Partners with Incendant Patient Education Program

The Procura Group of Companies announced today that they have partnered with Incendant, the developers of the 360 Patient Engagement Program.

Featuring content that was developed and maintained by practicing physicians and nurses, the 360 Patient Engagement Program is devoted to helping patients understand their medical issues by giving clinicians digital media that is easy to use and share.

"More healthcare providers are finding creative ways to meet the expectations of patient-centric healthcare," stated Scott Overhill, President of the Procura Group of Companies. "On-demand digitized video education and interactive patient engagement systems allow enhanced and consistent information sharing. This in turn leads to patients better understanding their conditions and recovery pathway. We believe that these patients are then less likely to be re-admitted to the hospital and are able to approach their well being without anxiety."

"Home care providers quickly understand the benefit of our program," said Shaun Gogarty, MD, Incendant's Chief Executive Officer. "As a medical doctor, I've personally experienced the difficulty of explaining medical conditions, procedures, and treatments to thousands of patients. The value of our images and videos can't be overstated. The 360 Patient Engagement images and videos enhance patient interaction by helping clinicians explain clearly and consistently patients' problems and treatments. The jargon that plagues our medical profession is replaced by true patient engagement."

Available online and offline, through personal computers, tablets and smartphones, the software runs on the majority of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. The benefits of using the 360 Patient Engagement Program include consistent instruction, access to an entire library of images and videos, and less time spent on training and more time providing care. The 360 Patient Engagement Program can be tailored to the specific needs of home care agencies. While Procura includes a standard education package for home care, providers are able to purchase additional images, videos, and languages, and to adapt the program to match the provider's own corporate branding.

Information about Incendant can be found at

To request a demonstration of Procura and the 360 Patient Engagement Program that is powered by Incendant, please submit your information here.

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