Procura Selected As Homecare Software Vendor Of Choice By At Home Healthcare

At Home Healthcare, one of the largest providers of Home Health, Community Care and Pediatric Home Care services in Eastern Texas, has selected Procura Homecare Software as their new home and community care software solution for all lines of their business.

Established in 1986, At Home Healthcare has 15 offices in East and Northeast Texas servicing patients in 64 counties. "The idea of moving to a system that addresses all aspects of our three lines of business is exhilarating," states Rhonda Kelly, COO, CFO and Senior Vice President of At Home Healthcare.

"Using Procura for our Home Health, Community Care and Pediatric Home Care services allows us to streamline our workflow processes and allow our caring professionals to improve care in the home with real-time access to patient information. When choosing Procura as our software vendor, it was important to us that we were treated as a partner in their solution, rather than just a customer. Our partnership with Procura has allowed us to feel we are being heard; we see visible proof of our partnership through the flexibility their solution offers us."

Also important to At Home Healthcare is Procura's ability to eliminate duplicate data entry in Community Care and Pediatrics. Due to the Texas mandated EVV, At Home Healthcare ran the risk of manual data entry leading to documentation errors and increased costs in staff time. Using Procura, errors in duplicate data entry are eliminated, processes have become more efficient, and overtime and costs are reduced. "Working closely with an influential Home Health, Community Care and Pediatrics provider in Texas is a milestone moment for Procura," says Rebecca MacKinnon, Vice President of Sales.

"Our partnership with At Home Healthcare will create a wonderful opportunity to leverage Procura's ability to be a flexible solution that fully tailors the Procura Homecare Software solution to address their needs as an organization as they rapidly expand into other regions of Texas."

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