MissNoMeds Wireless Pill Dispensing Device Now Available

Estenda Solutions, Inc. partnered with Connected Medical Technologies (CMT) to develop a home medication management program called MissNoMeds™, which uses a pill dispensing device and a web-based communication and compliance dashboard to help people better manage their medication intake, avoiding the medication noncompliance errors that affect the quality of life and prognosis of millions of patients every year.

CMT's research shows that 90% of people make errors in taking medications, which accounts for 125,000 premature deaths in the US, 156 million doctor's visits, and 10% of all hospital admissions (30% of elderly). The MissNoMeds medication compliance program was designed to combat these issues by providing users with automatic pill dispensing at home with email, text message, and voice call reminders, web accessible compliance reporting, pharmacy filling services, and web-based reporting tools for patients, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals. The new wireless automatic pill dispenser has a built-in cellular chip, making it easy for users to transport and use wherever they need to.

The device dispenses medication in the correct amount, at the correct time, reminding users with audible and visual alarms. To ensure compliance, if the user misses their medication, the device will send messages via email, text, or phone to both the user and anyone else that they choose, involving everyone in their circle of care. The web-based communication and compliance dashboard, developed by Estenda, records all medication and noncompliance events automatically.

Users, and anyone they give explicit permission to, can view the record history, which presents information in graphic and tabular forms, looking at 30, 60, and 90 day trends. These features make it possible for patients to evaluate their own compliance and determine whether they need to consult with their physicians to make changes to their medications and/or schedules.

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