Ohio Hospice Gains Efficiency in Delivery of Care Using CellTrak

Hospice of Cincinnati is an early adopter of technology designed to improve efficiency, remove variability and improve care.

With a census of more than 650 patients every day, Hospice of Cincinnati is widely recognized as an industry leader in hospice care. Ninety percent of their patient care is provided in the home or the place the patient calls home. Covering four counties in Southeast Ohio, Hospice of Cincinnati selected and successfully implemented the VisitManager solution from CellTrak Technologies.

CellTrak’s VisitManager™ fundamentally transforms the delivery of efficient care, compliance and decentralized staff scheduling. VisitManager, in real time, identifies issues that positively affect the quality and quantity of time the aide is able to spend with the patient. Receiving actionable data at the time of the home visit improves patient management.

Bruce Cormier, Manager of Staffing for Hospice of Cincinnati, shared, “Because CellTrak interfaces with Cerner in real time, we can easily access the plan of care at the patient’s bedside. More thorough visit preparation greatly improves the quality of care and the end-of-life experience for the patient and family. Our aides are decentralized which is always a challenge. We have iPhones and we are paperless, and that has created efficiencies in so many ways. Now we have an immediate, accurate and complete record of every visit.”

The deployment of mobile technology added the benefits of GPS. Using breadcrumbs satellite tracking of the actual miles driven, CellTrak reduces an agencies average mileage costs by 20-25% and reduces missed visits by 100%.

Jeri York, Master Scheduler for Hospice of Cincinnati said, “The CellTrak solution met an operational challenge of staff utilization. We now easily identify staff that can manage more visits by location, improving staff safety and from an operational standpoint, has confirmed that CellTrak is an extremely useful management tool. A Long Term Care customer recently requested information on a specific patient. We immediately pulled the data into an easy to read report that in the past would have been cumbersome using paper forms. Our response time was quick and the department workload decreased as well. The visit management system has provided real-time team supervision.”

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak shared “Hospice of Cincinnati has been a great partner and leader in the technology space. They have a mission of providing the best possible and most meaningful end-of-life experience for patients and families.” Wons added, “We are pleased to be partnering with their team to supply an easy to use solution that enables collaboration across the entire care team.”

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