3.9 Million Healthcare Visits and Growing on Procura Mobile

The Procura Group of Companies announced today another new record has been achieved with their industry leading mobile healthcare solution securing their position as the most successful provider of mobile community and home care services worldwide.

Today, the Procura Mobile platform has successfully supported the delivery of 3.9 million visits. The Procura Mobile platform is growing faster than any other mobile solution with 1 million visits served every three months. The solution is now expected to surpass over 1 million visits per month by 2015 beating forecasts. One reason for this tremendous growth is the rapid adoption of the Shift-based Group Scheduling system to support supplemental staffing otherwise known as "Cluster" or "Building Designates." Home care providers need efficient ways of delivering personal support services and can be successful by reducing travel time and booking staff to one cluster for a defined shift.

The Procura Mobile solution permits employees to 'dovetail' services to multiple clients in a facility or any environment that has a large population of clients receiving care. The solution includes an access-driven function that keeps the shift open while permitting the employee to verify and document against the client services as they are delivered.

"The use of mobile devices is a critical component in the efficient delivery care," stated Bill Bassett, CMO, The Procura Group of Companies. "Today, our Procura Mobile smartphone solution is ideal for personal support services and routine nursing visits, and it will be the perfect tool as the vision of Population Health Management becomes commonplace."

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