MD247 Prevents Ripoffs With Telemedicine

Provider of unique telemedicine services, MD247, polled a cross-section of the public over the weekend to see if they have ever been in a position where illness strikes and they are left with few options for seeking medical assistance at 3:00 AM. It is frightening to handle any medical issue alone, trying to sort through the advice of well-meaning friends and treatments that may possibly have a ripoff report filed against them. The end result of illness for most people is a "wait and see" mentality, which leaves the patient tapped emotionally or tapped financially if someone waits too long to seek necessary treatment.

Neither option provides a patient or a caregiver with the kind of satisfaction and peace of mind they really need, but most us do not realize that there is a better option. With the information from this poll in hand, MD247 introduced the public to the only legitimate supplemental telemedicine program and its ongoing strategy of educating the public regarding simple health topics. All MD247 debunking of ripoff treatments and education regarding health topics takes place in a series of blog articles called "MD247 Reviews Remedies." The article series is intended to provide peace of mind to patients, and provide a full review of all of the seasonal viruses patients typically encounter.

Largo Florida based MD247.COM (MD247; MD/247; MD 247; M.D.247; MD-247) provides an affordable telemedicine supplement to existing healthcare services. MD247.COM telemedicine program members have unlimited telephone access to a nationwide medical support team, all with just a single phone call to the MD247.COM telemedicine Chat With a Doctor/Talk to a Nurse Hotline. MD247.COM has a virtual platoon of registered nurses; board certified physicians and a support staff available to members for all non-emergency situations. More information about MD247.COM is available online at

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