Online USA Doctors Offers Patients Medical Advice for Some of the Most Common Health Issues Through Innovative Telemedicine Consults

The spiraling costs of health insurance have made it increasingly difficult for patients to afford quality healthcare. To address this problem, Online USA Doctors have launched virtual healthcare services allowing people to seek medical advice for some of the most common problems from USA licensed doctors through an online consultation either video conference, telephone and/or email.

Remarkably affordable healthcare plans at OnlineUSADoctors are also available to individuals and families at prices as low as $29 per month for unlimited doctor access. It may take days and or up to a week or two to schedule a doctor appointment where people have to go into an office and then wait using the traditional approach of healthcare. Visiting an emergency room for conditions that are not life threatening or serious can be costly and extremely time consuming. Online USA Doctors has designed a number of telemedicine packages through which common medical conditions can be easily and quickly handled via video, telephone or even email in some situations. People can also take advantage of asking an initial question for free and then for only $0.99!

A video doctor consult costs as little as $39.99. Online USA Doctors also has a proprietary health quiz to help the doctor understand underlying health problems. Apart from answering questions about health issues that don’t require an urgent trip to the doctor, OnlineUSADoctors also offers comprehensive treatment packages. A literature review on ‘Twenty years of telemedicine in chronic disease management--an evidence synthesis’ was conducted by the Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, Tromso, Norway to obtain a high-level view of the value of telemedicine in the management of five common chronic diseases, namely asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension. Summarizing the value of telehealth, studies reported that telemedicine interventions of various kinds had a positive effect in the treatment of chronic diseases.

People can find professional medical advice for a number of health problems such as yeast infection, poly cystic ovarian disease, endometriosis male infertility, and obesity at OnlineUSADoctors. They can email Online USA Doctor with important health related questions and also communicate with their doctor using a convenient and secure email messaging system. Each patient’s health charts, lab tests, and the entire medical history along with recommended pharmaceutical grade supplements are housed in one convenient area. These telemedicine packages from Online USA Doctor offer patients access to cost-effective and quality healthcare. Reimbursable with employers HRA (Health Reimbursement Act) and other employer sponsored health plans and with their tax deductible component, these healthcare packages are also an attractive and affordable alternative to employee health insurance.

Additionally, the team of doctors also offers Health Improvement Quizzes that help patients identify underlying conditions that might not be diagnosed until the onset of a debilitating disease or illness. Patients can schedule appointments online during times convenient for them instead of waiting for hours to receive the medical attention they seek. Online USA Doctor also sends reminders of important periodic doctor consults for patients and their family.

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