Net Medical Xpress Releases Full Two-Way WebRTC Telemedicine Video Conferencing App

Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: NMXS), an emerging leader in the rapidly growing telemedicine industry, said today the company's new RTC Conference Switch for the iPad has now been released on the Apple App Store and is ready for general use.

The company's WebRTC (Real Time Communications) Telemedicine video conferencing tool allows organizations to set up users, groups and subgroups with crystal clear, real time, face-to-face web-based connections significantly facilitating doctor-patient and hospital communications. Although designed specifically for the healthcare industry, other types of companies and organizations can also use the system.

CEO Dick Govatski said, "This is clearly a major breakthrough development for the healthcare industry. There is currently no other web based HIPAA compliant communications system available with anywhere near the capabilities of our system. We encourage potential users to download the RTC Net Medical Conference Switch on their iPads. Once the download is completed, an email can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ' to arrange a call to demonstrate the system and to handle inquiries about setting up organizations on the Switch. We will demonstrate how to set up free face to face calls. We will also explain how this approved system can be used for confidential physician to patient communications, which can significantly enhance successful case management situations involving follow up calls and contact with patients released from the hospital. We call it the electronic version of the house call, which in many ways is better than the original because it is faster, makes better use of the physician's time and significantly cuts costs. In short, this is going to lead to improved care at lower costs. We are confident that anyone who tries out the system will want it immediately. The good news is it's ready now."

"This week we will also be deploying Net Medical's Advanced WebRTC system, which can be embedded in a company website. This is ideal for group consultations or management meetings involving parties in different cities or locations. This will significantly enhance internal communications within organizations leading to greater efficiencies and lower costs. Designed to meet HIPAA requirements, our RTC Switch includes precise audit controls, public/private key encryption and Net Medical's Safety Pilot permission software," Govatski said.

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