House Call Doctor Los Angeles Innovating in Telemedicine

In today's hurry-worry climate, who has time to visit the doctor? Fortunately new technology means you don't necessarily have to see a doctor, with services such as the burgeoning telephone medicine offered by House Call Doctor Los Angeles.

Breaking ground in the kind of telemedicine Los Angeles residents need and want, board certified internist Dr. Michael Farzam provides a valuable resource for patients who have the ability to care for themselves, but who need direction in their course of primary care. Dr. Farzam offers newly emerging telehealth assistance along with his increasingly well-known home visit services and concierge medicine for Los Angeles and its surrounding communities.

Dr. Farzam and his House Call Doctor Los Angeles team provide high-tech telehealth services that patients can benefit from without leaving the home or workplace. Telemedicine involves exchange of medical information using electronic communications to monitor and gauge a patient's health. Utilizing a video chat service, patients can tap the expertise and direction from Dr. Farzam without having to wait for the doctor or plan a visit to a doctor's office.

Originated from the concept of extending care to patients in rural or remote areas, Dr. Farzam considers telemedicine a natural extension of his home visit-based practice. The Greater Los Angeles Area is enormous and spread out, and Dr. Farzam acknowledges the desire by patients for the ability to have a primary care physician monitor their health without having to travel to a doctor's office. One factor in support of the new service is the fact that more health insurance companies are offering reimbursement for telemedicine in Los Angeles, including for Dr. Farzam's consultations with patients.

Telemedicine, also called telecare, provides medical attention in a number of areas including for primary care with live interactive video; for the remote monitoring of patients for specific vital signs, blood glucose or other factors for homebound patients (which can supplement concierge nursing services); and medical education for groups with certain conditions. Telemedicine from House Call Doctor Los Angeles provides personalized health care attention from a board-certified physician who can help direct treatment remotely.

Southern California residents are extremely busy working, commuting, caring for families and trying to work in personal and recreational time. Surrendering a great chunk of a day, or even an entire day, to a doctor's visit can be frustrating, especially if it's for attention to a relatively simple condition. House Call Doctor Los Angeles is dedicated to bringing compassionate health care services to meet the broad needs of the community of Los Angeles. Dr. Farzam serves as his patients' advocate in the complex health system. If hospitalization is needed, he coordinates his patients' care with the emergency and admitting doctors and supervises every aspect of the patient's care.

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