GlobalMed Announces New Alliance for Transforming Healthcare Delivery In The Middle East Through Telemedicine

GlobalMed Announces New Alliance for Transforming Healthcare Delivery In The Middle East Through Telemedicine

MBM Health & Medical and GlobalMed® have signed a mutually exclusive alliance to provide connected health solutions in the Middle East.

MBM Health & Medical is one of the group of companies of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum which is dedicated to providing patients throughout the region access to the world’s best hospitals and healthcare in order to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum serves as the chairman of MBM Group, a Dubai based Royal family office and investment holding company with activities in investments, strategic advisory, and social and community development. Initially growing into the United Arab Emirates market as a venture capitalist, MBM now shows its leadership and expertise in sports consultancy, healthcare, education, oil and gas services, real estate and special situations.

Related to health, MBM Group is committed to establishing Dubai as a center of excellence. The partnership between GlobalMed and MBM Health & Medical is the latest step towards this goal.

According to Dr. Bahram Safaei, Managing Director of MBM Health & Medical, delivering quality healthcare in the Middle East has its particular challenges, and GlobalMed’s telehealth solutions are the ideal choice to address them. With a large percentage of the population living in remote areas, these solutions can connect underserved populations with MBM’s highly professional healthcare providers and specialist network.

As an example of the complexity, Dr. Safaei points out that even with large developed urban populations, the UAE has the highest percentage of expatriates in the world. GlobalMed telehealth solutions will allow these populations to access healthcare as if they were home. The result will be timely, high quality, and culturally sensitive healthcare for all residents. Along with this strategic alliance with GlobalMed, MBM Health & Medical continues to expand its network by entering cooperation agreements with reputable healthcare service providers throughout the world to provide qualified physician services to the UAE and the Middle East through telehealth.

In addition, agreements have been signed with more than 3000 healthcare providers in the United Kingdom and India, providing direct access to one of the world’s largest groups of medical specialists. GlobalMed’s proven success in meeting the healthcare delivery needs of many dispersed and diverse populations was a deciding factor in reaching this alliance. Last year alone, GlobalMed solutions connected providers and patients for over two million consultations.

“GlobalMed’s commitment to quality service and its fully integrated software and hardware products best meet the needs of our region,” said Dr. Safaei. “We are confident that the GlobalMed telehealth solution will allow us to extend quality healthcare to all, a commitment we are obligated and committed to honor.”

“GlobalMed products and services connect medical professionals with remote and distant patient needs, something we call connected health,” said Joel Barthelemy, CEO of GlobalMed. “We bring the experience and know-how to meet the requirements of MBM Health & Medical to make healthcare readily available to the diverse populations in the UAE and other areas of the Middle East.”

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