CareClix Telemedicine Announces Release of Telemedicine Work Stations in Maryland School System

CareClix Telemedicine, a Washington, DC-based mobile health and comprehensive telemedicine solutions technology, proudly announces an extension of its Electronic Medical Record and Telemedicine Services for Howard County, Maryland. Engaging in an unprecedented implementation of telemedicine technology, CareClix is placing its CareClix e-Clinic Telemedicine Stations in multiple public schools in the State of Maryland.

Nurses at the local elementary schools will utilize proprietary cameras, stethoscopes, and other medical devices to examine students who enter their school-based health clinics. Physicians at local hospitals will enter the virtual examination room through the proprietary CareClix online exam room software and provide remote telemedicine clinical care by evaluating the students when they are ill, providing a diagnosis, and ordering labs and prescriptions directly through the CareClix platform, if required. Additionally, the student's parent may virtually enter the online exam room via their smart phone from anywhere to join in on the examination, as though they were there in person.

Real-time video translator services similarly can be incorporated in this virtual visit. CareClix School-Based Health initiatives represent yet another CareClix model of an integrated telemedicine delivery system incorporating an on-site e-Clinic, web-based video consultations, Electronic Medical Record documentation, and prescription and laboratory ordering capabilities.

"We are excited to showcase our innovative telemedicine technologies at CareClix Telemedicine and be one of the first in the nation to provide an integrated approach to telemedicine care delivery. While telemedicine software and technologies remain an important aspect in our medical care delivery today, it is the clinical workflow that must be addressed to make these telemedicine technologies useful. This is what we strive for at CareClix telemedicine," stated Co-Founder, Dr. Sunil Budhrani.

"We are excited to bring innovation and virtual medical care to our school-based wellness centers. This initiative will keep our students healthy, in school and learning. It will also reduce absenteeism for parents. A win-win for families," maintained Dr. Maura Rossman, as she described the launch to an audience made up of Senator Barbara A. Mikulski, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, and Howard County Schools Superintendent Dr. Renee Foose.

"This is exactly the type of project we envisioned when we first conceived of the Inter-County Broadband Network," Ulman said. "When kids receive immediate treatment, they can go back to class and keep learning. We are using technology to keep kids healthier, and make sure they are reaching their full potential."

"Maryland broadband is bridging the digital divide and expanding access to jobs and opportunity," Mikulski said. "Providing school-based health services keeps kids in school, improves grades, enhances the overall health of students and saves money for families who don't have to miss work. With telemedicine made possible through broadband, Howard County schools will keep kids healthy, safe and learning while on the path to successful futures."

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