Will Telemedicine Transform Healthcare In 2015?

Will Telemedicine Transform Healthcare In 2015?

Healthcare professionals are looking toward 2015 with predictions for the future of healthcare. With advances in healthcare that include telemedicine, telehealth, and mHealth options, medical professionals are taking note of the paradigm shift in healthcare; while others have embraced the future and jumped right into telemedicine. Now, more and more frequently, patients are meeting with their doctors via online video consultations, transforming the ease and accessibility of healthcare.

"Throughout the patient population, the number of individuals seeking and adopting ways to take their healthcare out of the doctor's office and into their homes is on the rise," says Daniel Gilbert, president and CEO of CloudVisit Telemedicine. "Providers' ability to deliver services remotely is a strategic asset for any medical practice wishing to increase patient engagement. It's the basis for expanding your organization's reach and growing your patient population."

CloudVisit Telemedicine: Easy and Convenient

With the availability of today's technology, telemedicine offers ease of communication to fill in the gaps in patient care, continue care without the hassle of getting to the office, or to be available for immediate, but not emergency, care. Another facet of telemedicine is convenience -- patients find that virtual sessions with their providers are simply less time consuming and stressful and more enjoyable.

CloudVisit offers a simple process to get started using telemedicine. With a variety of options, CloudVisit has a telemedicine solution to suit the needs of any provider. Whether you are an individual provider looking to test out the telemedicine waters, or a group that is ready to jump in with all the telemedicine tools available, including health monitoring devices, CloudVisit Connect or CloudVisit Private Practice will give you all that you need to kick start your online practice.

Growing your telemedicine practice can be as easy as asking your patients to take advantage of your teleheath offerings. The provider-patient bond is based on trust; studies show that patients invited by their physician to experience the practice's telemedicine options, usage in the practice goes up quickly.

"It's encouraging to review the statistics that support the safety, efficacy and adoption of telemedicine," says Gilbert. "We look forward to working with our current clients and new providers who seek ways to join the telemedicine movement. We will continue to be a leader and innovator in providing safe, secure telemedicine modalities that improve patients' access to healthcare and overall quality of life."

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