AMD Global Telemedicine Announces AGNES-Ready Certification Program and Integration with MiiS horusScope

AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. (AMD), the pioneer of clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS)™ announces the AGNES®-Ready certification program and integration with the MiiS horusScope® device.

The MiiS horusScope, a medical scope with interchangeable lenses used for telemedicine applications, is the latest product certified for use with AGNES telemedicine software. This partnership between AMD Global Telemedicine and MiiS was developed to blend two mutually beneficial technologies together that will support existing horusScope user requirements and expand the adoption of AGNES technology into new global markets.

AMD’s AGNES telemedicine software platform is used to aggregate data from various medical devices in real-time and deliver a patient encounter between a telemedicine attendant and the remote consulting physician. The AGNES-Ready program was put in place by AMD to test and certify devices from various third party manufacturers, to connect to the AGNES real time system.

The importance of the AGNES-Ready Program is threefold; it delivers positive proof of AMD’s commitment of AGNES being a ‘true’ open platform, it provides investment security in AGNES against an environment of evolving medical device technologies and lastly, it presents customers a unified service point in the event of technical issues instead of the potential finger pointing which often exists in multiple vendor/supplier solutions.

“The horusScope has captured the attention of quite a few telemedicine practitioners,” said Dan McCafferty, Vice President of Global Sales and Corporate Development at AMD. “We see the horusScope as a great fit for many telemedicine applications, namely ophthalmology because of the embedded viewing screen,” added McCafferty.

“The AGNES-Ready status for the horusScope sets the stage for cooperation in many markets, especially internationally,” said Stefan Cheng, President of MiiS. Other third party manufactures that have AGNES-Ready devices include Welch Allyn, Midmark, 3M Littman, Interson, and ProVision.

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