CareClix Telemedicine Addressing Ebola

With growing concerns regarding Ebola and other infectious diseases throughout the world, CareClix Telemedicine provides a secure, robust virtual solution to screen patients with medical illnesses and manage them remotely with experts in their fields.

A presumed infected or ill patient can be evaluated and history obtained remotely via video by a specialist physician, examined with medical devices like pharyngoscopes, otoscopes, or dermatoscopes, and labs obtained on-site for analysis. Such telehealth strategies would protect caregivers from exposure, permit a quick response to treatment, and protect the public from potential epidemics.

CareClix provides one of the most comprehensive telehealth solutions in the world, serving as a fully integrated, secure, and HIPAA-compliant platform to connect medical providers and patients worldwide. This revolutionary technology enables doctors to see patients in their clinical settings anywhere in the world virtually as well as at home via remote health monitoring.

CareClix also gives providers' access to a certified Web-based Electronic Medical Record system, e-prescribing, and lab testing—all in one integrated platform. CareClix Anywhere, CareClix Exam, and CareClix Home represent exclusive products powered by the core CareClix processor. This makes CareClix and its technology unique in that it is the only integrated telemedicine platform providing a continuum of telehealth services-telephone and video access to a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to the virtual examination room, and to the patient centered medical home.

In offering a comprehensive telemedicine solution, CareClix is changing the way patients see their doctor. The CareClix Telemedicine Solution provides physicians and their patients' access to medical care regardless of geographic location. The CareClix Telemedicine online solution will grant a competitive advantage and will allow access to a provider for quality, cost-effective care.

With the recent passing of healthcare reform, The CareClix Telehealth Platform helps organizations reduce their healthcare expenditures by providing access to medical ailments at the convenience of their home or workplace; this will result in significant savings associated with not having to physically enter a doctor's office or go to the emergency room.

In addition one can provide access to specialty care through our patent- pending platform. Our telehealth platform has already been successfully implemented with numerous physician/provider practices and health care organizations throughout the country to achieve their goals. CareClix is a comprehensive telemedicine solution and allows for the secure communication of medical information between physicians, pharmacists, providers, and patients anywhere in the world at any time to manage various medical conditions.

All of the systems are HIPAA compliant adhering to all industry standards for the secure transmission of medical data between providers and patients. The CareClix platform utilizes 128bit encryption to secure health data transmission and storage. CareClix can be accessed online through a personal computer or mobile device at any time resulting in improved access to network physicians, providers, and pharmacists, reduction in out of network utilization, improved quality of care, improved continuity of care and at the same time reducing medical costs.

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