Outcome based care systems make a difference

Outcome based care systems help coordinate the gathering of nursing assessment, reassessment and discharge activities with common measurements including HOBIC and other industry standards.

HOBIC is the acronym for Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care, an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Canada. Similar to the standards defined and utilized in the US around OASIS the objective of HOBIC is to introduce a short set of standardized measures of patient status into nurses’ admission and discharge assessments. The assessment data when gathered in a common way and shared across the care team helps provide the data necessary to adjust care programs and plan for the best care possible in the future. Healthcare will continue to improve across North America by utilizing outcome based care solutions.

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Homecare is a term that represents a wide range of community based services to support someone that needs care and is more comfortable having the care provided in the comfort of their own home or a common facility. Homecare continues to be the preferred care delivery mechanism and is an increasingly crucial component of North America's health care system. Benefits continue to be realized on a daily basis and as the country ages the ability to continue to provide high quality care to a large census of individuals will become a necessity. With homecare and technologies that enable the care giver to have a virtual care facility within a patient’s home, the future possibilities are endless.

There is substantial research evidence that demonstrates that nurses can influence patient outcomes in these areas. With an emphasis on the ease of capturing assessment data while providing care the electronic assessments are built into nurses’ usual activities. This includes admission and discharge assessments and means that nurses can access their patients’ status throughout the time they are receiving care and providing homecare services, compare their patients with others of similar age, gender and diagnosis, determine when they are achieving their best outcomes and know when they are sufficiently prepared to care for themselves after discharge.

CellTrak offers Next Generation, Mobile Solution for the Home Care Sector

CellTrak Technologies (www.celltrak.com) has announced the launch of a New Outcome Based eCare solution for nurses, clinicians and other medical professionals. This new leading edge service was developed by CellTrak through its partnership with its client ParaMed to provide a solution that was built for home care workers by home care workers. It may be the 1st time in Canada that this type of combined effort and approach has been used to get the results clients are looking for, without building their own solution. This new application includes initial patient assessments, patient reassessments and discharge assessments all via a BlackBerry device, from the point of care for any home care agency.

These assessments are then available to other care givers associated with the patient’s care so that in real-time, any of them can see the results of these assessments and make changes to the service plan provided to the patient. With this technology patient plans of care can be changed just as quickly as they gather the results. Previously these assessments were paper based and were only available to a single care giving individual until the results were turned in, then manually entered into a clinical system. Afterwards the data was available for any and all care givers to access.

With the new outcome based mobile application all of the waiting for information to be re-keyed has been eliminated along with the errors that may occur in paper based processes. All of these assessments include nursing-sensitive outcomes, allowing the ability to view electronic health record results by many staff members through a secure visit manager web portal or via the mobile device itself. This allows an agency to get better data to provide the proper care to the individual to improve overall patient outcomes.

Outcome Based Care Systems Coordinate the Gathering of Nursing Assessment

Outcome based care systems help coordinate the gathering of the three nursing assessments, all using common measurements, including the HOBIC standards in Ontario. HOBIC is the acronym for Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care, an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario. Similar to the standards defined and utilized in the United States around OASIS, the objective of HOBIC is to introduce a short set of standardized measures of patient status into nurses’ admission and discharge assessments.

The CellTrak eCare solution leap frogs current technologies by getting the assessments back into the office immediately after it’s completed, allowing clinicians and other care givers access to the latest results, versus waiting on a fax, hand delivery and then manual entry to the clinical system for all to see. Errors associated with paper based manual processes may be 3% per 100 paper based forms. That is completely eliminated now with the eCare automation. Paper based forms also allow errors to occur from poor handwriting, missing pages or unreadable data which would force the care giver back to the point of care, to re complete the work and gather the data that was already done once before.

Partners in the development of CellTrak’s Outcome Based eCare solution include one of Canada’s leading home-care organizations, ParaMed Home Healthcare. ParaMed, in collaboration with CellTrak Technologies, Inc., recently announced the development and use of the Outcome Based eCare solution on BlackBerry smart phone devices. As described previously. ParaMed Home Healthcare is a division of Extendicare Real Estate Investment Trust, and has over 4,500 staff. It is a leading home care provider in Canada providing nursing, home support and therapy services for clients and families living in the community. The application is built upon the CellTrak homecare platform which ParaMed has used for years, which now enables advanced enterprise capabilities to capture and analyze real-time data and trends in home care with security and confidentiality.

Analysis of Outcome Trends Improve Future Care Today and Tomorrow

“We have successfully completed user testing with extremely positive feedback from our nurses,” said Sue Pearl-Agar, Vice-President. The pilot phase is under way, during which nurses are engaged in shaping an application that can adapt to their nursing practice.

“As a manager, this new application gives me the ability to ensure my nurses are consistently delivering evidence-based, quality nursing care, said Tracey Stevenson, Care and Service Manager.

Erin Caplan, RPN, believes this innovation “fits with nursing work flow and is more convenient and efficient than paper”. ParaMed has embraced evidence-based practice for many years, however, “this step forward transforms nursing practice and establishes a new foundation, further enhancing the best possible client outcomes,” said Cheryl Reid-Haughian, Director Professional Practice.

This innovative solution and mobile technology also brings additional resources to the fingertips of nurses at the frontline to support their clinical decision-making and contributes to improved client outcomes. “Improved Patient Outcomes” is always the number one goal of any home care agency in North America. With day to day changing patient needs, there is increasing evidence that this new mobile technology and application will transform the industry and facilitate faster and better communications, as well as rapidly providing integrated outcome data to the front line field staff.

“We are pleased to help enable automated, comprehensive assessments that include nursing sensitive measurements, along with other clinical features for ParaMed,” said Michael Wons. “ParaMed has long been a leader in the automation of key information that helps improve client outcomes at the point-of-care.”

Andrew Kaboff, Founder and Business Development Officer from CellTrak added, “The Outcome Based eCare solution is an exciting next step in our solution platform. For the first time, leading homecare agencies can afford to deploy technology to their entire organization to gather assessment data with embedded HOBIC measures, resulting in real-time data that will help improve patient outcomes, conduct research and share with the entire healthcare team the assessments immediately”.

This new leading edge Outcome Based Care information enables collaborative coordinated health systems to be used in the home care marketplace. eCare from CellTrak provides the care team access to data to be more effective than stand alone, unconnected systems or paper and manual processes without any way to share information amongst all care staff. CellTrak with their eCare solution is changing the way home care is delivered in Canada. Real time point of care automation will continue to be the focus of CellTrak today and into the future working together with their partners in the ever changing world of home health and hospice care.

CellTrak eCare Empowers the Entire Care Team The Outcome Based eCare solution helps bring together the Care Team with simultaneous access to electronic health records data. This includes the entire circle of care from hospitals and care centers to doctors and physicians to home and community care providers to community care access centre’s to payer and health plans and also include the family and trusted advisor.

Today, Homecare aides are helping deliver the best care possible with the use of CellTrak. CellTrak provides an integrated home health point-of-care mobility and administration system that enable efficiencies with scheduling, staff management, time and attendance, GPS and directions and delivering a patient specific care plan at the point-of-care. Today tens of thousands of homecare aides, hospice aides, therapists, chaplains and nurses located in thousands of offices across North America deliver the best care most efficiently with CellTrak. With this Outcome-Based-Care-Solutions-Makes-A-Difference whitepaper you have the opportunity to experience CellTrak in action for homecare aides and their agencies. Millions of people are better off today thanks to the use of CellTrak.

About CellTrak: Founded in 2006, CellTrak Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of integrated mobile solutions for the home healthcare, hospice, and private duty markets. Our patent pending software-as-a-service solutions run on GPS-enabled mobile devices via a homecare technology platform. CellTrak automates workflow and reduces cost. Data is transmitted wirelessly to an internet site making that data available in real time. Secure instantaneous integration is provided to the back-end clinical systems and the payer networks. Homecare aides, clinicians and nurses have delivered millions of successful visits via CellTrak.

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