CellTrak provides complete flexibility to TELUS, Canada's largest mobile carrier

US mobile healthcare, home health solutions, software developer CellTrak™ was chosen to provide a GPS-based application designed to integrate with the organization’s existing scheduling solution.

Canada’s largest providers of home healthcare and workplace health and wellness services, ParaMed operates 26 centres in Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta. The organization employs 4,500 people, of whom 4,000 are registered nurses, therapists and personal/home support workers who spend most of their time caring for clients. Some of these are direct service employees, employed in full time, part time and/or elect to work positions.

Others are purely elect-to-work employees, who are able to choose their work assignments. ParaMed had always relied on phone communications to reach its direct service employees. Typically, a call for services would arrive at one of ParaMed’s offices, where an assignment coordinator would enter the referral information into the organization’s scheduling application. Coordinators would then call qualified direct service employees to advise them of the referral. This would often mean leaving voice mail messages for several employees at multiple locations.


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