MPERS TECHNOLOGY: Facilitating an Independent Lifestyle for the Growing Senior Population

Today’s seniors still have the same basic care needs as generations before them: remaining safe and secure while maintaining their independence. However, this issue is becoming more complicated than ever due to our aging population: ten thousand people will reach age 65 every day in the United States from the beginning of 2011 until 2030. The lack of traditional senior care options combined with seniors’ desire to remain independent is precipitating dramatic change. Fortunately, mobile personal emergency response system (MPERS) technology offers a variety of features to accommodate an independent senior lifestyle while delivering peace of mind for caregivers. Automatic Fall Detection notifies emergency response specialists in the event of a fall, while location based services such as GPS can identify a senior’s current location. Reliable cellular communication means that MPERS devices operate in and out of the home throughout the U.S. But MPERS technology is not just about providing crucial assistance in emergency situations – it’s about a convenient, personalized solution that promotes a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

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