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HTM Speaks With Michael Wons, President and CEO Celltrak

Michael K. Wons is an experienced senior executive who is leading all aspects of CellTrak's strategy and execution of its business plan. With more than 25 years of experience with leading healthcare and advanced technology companies Mike brings a unique "customer focused" perspective to lead CellTrak. Serving in Senior Executive roles with start-ups, mid-stage companies and major companies that include Fortune 500 leaders Microsoft and Waste Management to serving as Senior Executive and corporate officer for the launch and build out of Federal Signal Corporation’s industry leading Public Safety Technology (PST) division, Mike is a passionate leader experienced with engaging customers, partners and the industry in the build out of integrated mission critical solutions. Mike is focused on helping establish a common platform for the industry to help enable automation of processes and improving the delivery of care via mHealth solutions.

 Please introduce yourself, your background and your current role within the healthcare technology industry:

Greetings. My name is Mike Wons and I am the President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies. I have been in the technology space my entire career starting out as a software developer and then moving through CIO and CTO roles for both start-up and large corporations. I have been working in the healthcare space since the beginning of my career working with medical waste management at Waste Management, Inc, working as the CTO and technology strategy leader for Microsoft’s financial services and healthcare verticals and then building out the public safety solutions division at Federal Signal where we developed integrated alerting and notification systems for hospital and post acute management that were tied into the community and municipality systems for police, fire and public safety workers…enabling the safe and secure intelligent community.

Who is Celltrak and where did it all begin?

CellTrak has been in business since 2006. We are a mid-stage corporation focused on providing homecare, hospice and community care solutions. Founded in the Chicago area…started in the basement of our CTO along with the business founder. CellTrak is an industry leader helping improve workflow, increase compliance, reducing costs for care providers and improving the overall outcomes at the point of care. We are passionate about empowering the circle-of-care including all care providers, family, friends and trusted advisors with our leading mHealth solutions.

What do your clients want, need and desire?

Clients want a solution to improve home care efficiencies while speeding reimbursement from the payer networks. We find that our clients like our solution as it was developed by homecare for homecare and that CellTrak is an inch wide and five miles deep in the home and community care market.

In addition our clients like our mobile app but it is not hard to develop a mobile app, what differentiates CellTrak is that we provide a vertically integrated solution that includes 1) easy to use mobile app that runs on any GPS enabled device, 2) a function rich portal solution for managing visit verification and staff automatically and 3) out of the box integration to major back-office providers.

The U.S. market for wireless home-based healthcare applications and services will grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate of over 80% and become a $4.4 billion industry in 2013, according to Wireless Healthcare: Analysis & Forecasts. The report from international research firm Parks Associates predicts the push for healthcare reform from the Obama Administration will ultimately boost adoption of wireless technologies in healthcare. How do you see the business developing in the next 5 years?

The market is broad and expanding. Today we estimate that there are over 5M home healthcare workers across the globe. This number is expected to increase through 2018. The key is to provide an easy to use mobile application that works out of the box. This is what folks are seeking and is the key to success in this marketplace. While the number of workers is expanding the reimbursement amount per visit is going down and is another reason to use technologies to improve efficiencies. While efficiencies are important the end goal is to provide an integrated solution that improves outcomes at the point of care and that is where the depth and strength of the CellTrak solution comes into play. We take the complexity out of using a mobile solution and provide access to your visit data down to the care plan level.

What are the unique selling points of the Celltrak portfolio of healthcare technology?

Easy to use and out of the box integration. It comes down to these two points. In addition our solution is feature rich with the amount of data that is gathered and available for reporting analysis and trends. This will continue to improve over time but the general response from a homecare agency is “wow” I cannot believe the access to visit data that I now have at my finger tips.

Explain a typical day in the life of a homecare agency using Celltrak technologies:

We have a great white paper that we developed with homecare agencies on how they use CellTrak in the typical day in the life of an agency. They key is that it is a seamlessly integrated solution. The typical day starts with a homecare agency needing to run a series of visits via many homecare aides in many locations. The care plans and schedules are dynamically loaded to each homecare aide and they run visits throughout the day.

The visit data; care plan activities, directions to/from the home, time at the home and actual mileage is captured per each visit. Upon completion this visit data is automatically sent back to the office for verification and acceptance and then sent automatically to the back office system for payroll and payer network (Medicaid, Medicare, Private Duty, Individual) reimbursement purposes. Throughout the day of an agency many new referrals come in and these referrals are for new patients that in many instances need to receive care immediately.

The beauty of CellTrak is that it allows you to dynamically find the closest aide / nurse to a patient and allows you to match it to the current schedule. We like to refer to this as the care plan routing and dispatch system. From the Homecare aide perspective they start they day by taking a look at their application device (GPS enabled cell phone, tablet, Pad, etc…). They see their schedule for the day and the care plans that they need to execute. If they need directions to a location or the quickest route that is provided via the mobile device. Upon arrival at a home the aide starts the visit and sees the list of tasks that need to be accomplished for that patient while they are at the home. This may be anything from helping them bath to capturing their current vital signs to going for a walk to taking them to the store. Hundreds of options are available and it is configurable by each patient based on what is approved from a physician or care agency and will be reimbursed.

If the homecare aide needs to reach the office the can use the device to call, text, chat or email the office. At the end of the day the aide no longer needs to fill out hours of paperwork and go back to the office to turn in the paper work from the visits. It is a very green solution removing paper and unnecessary driving by the homecare aides. From the office perspective each time a visit is completed it pops up on the portal. If the visit is missed, runs longer, is shorter or if an issue occurs CellTrak provides alerts for action. This helps improve the efficiency of the care delivery and helps agencies increase their census through world class customer service.

Many healthcare technology and IT organizations talk about change management during any new technology rollout and how “people”, not “technology”, can be the major reason implementations are unsuccessful or delivered over budget and not on time. What do you think?

This is the key of what CellTrak provides. In addition to improving business processes it helps enable consistent and auditable processes for each agency. This is extremely important to insure proper standing of an agency and to insure quick reimbursement for them. With that said it is important to highlight that the biggest challenge in getting up and running with CellTrak or any other technology is to have ownership and buy in from the entire organization.

CellTrak has worked hard to insure that there are ancillary benefits of using the technology weather it is improved safety or improved communications and collaboration for an agency. We also have created a CellTrak Community that shares best practices from agency to agency and across countries…best practices on the usage of the technology helps an agency say “hey if ABC Hospice does it this way then why won’t it work for me…” Technology cannot solve a problem without people…

Explain the spending power and value, of the North American and Canadian, home healthcare market, and the core products and services, that are in demand from healthcare providers today:

In addition to increased compliance for the agency one of the key benefits of CellTrak is that it provides a consistent mechanism for mileage reimbursement and the routing to get to a home quickly. While this is a side benefit of the solution in many instances this helps provide a ROI in a couple of months.

Importantly CellTrak is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that requires no upfront investment to get started other than a small set-up fee. Once this is set you are paying per usage which may be a monthly fee per user or a per visit fee. The cost is much less compared to the investment required to implement a full “ERP like” system. In addition the efficiency provided by CellTrak enables electronic visit verification that is beginning to be accepted by local governments and is expected to become a standard over the next five years.

How will your business expand in the coming 5 years and what is Celltraks strategy and vision to achieve automated workflow, improved patient outcomes and compliance, whilst reducing the bottom line for the payer?

CellTrak has quickly become the industry standard solution for homecare professionals and para-professional. Our roadmap for the next 2-5 years is committed to and continuing to become more clinically relevant and more deeply integrated with back-office and government systems. We are focused on improving care at the point of care and enabling entire care team collaboration. Today we are investing and committed to expanding into other mobile solutions from intelligent M2M solutions in the home to integrated wound care and disease management solutions.

We have some exciting solutions that we have been working on that help enable healthcare business intelligence via our breadth and depth of our data model. This is in addition to our hybrid solutions available today that allow an agency to use any technologies in conjunction with CellTrak to manage visit verification.

This includes some of the older technologies including interactive voice response (IVR) systems that have been around since the 90’s. Today CellTrak is supporting hundreds of agencies running millions of visits every week with tens of thousands of daily users. It is simple and it works. This can be of significant benefit to agencies of all sizes. We have some agencies that have 4 or 5 aides and some that have 5,000. The beauty is that CellTrak works for any size agency and does not require any additional infrastructure from an IT perspective to use the solution other than having a GPS enabled mobile application device.

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