AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. Announces Steven Normandin, President, Elected to American Telemedicine Association College of Fellows

AMD Global Telemedicine Inc, the worldwide leading supplier of telemedicine technology, devices, and application software for both dynamic encounters (live telemedicine) and store and forward consultations, today announced that Steven Normandin, AMD’s President, has been elected to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) College of Fellows.

Election to the College is a high honor that recognizes significant achievements in telemedicine, service to the general telemedicine community and service to the ATA. The ATA made the announcement at their 16th Annual Meeting and Exposition in Tampa, Florida.


HTM Speaks With Warren Brown, President, Procura

Procura, offers its customers best-in-class software that Home Care and Hospice organizations in Canada, the U.S.A. and Australia use to streamline the management of their resources, and their administrative processes, optimize their financial and revenue cycle needs and maintain compliance in clinical documentation. Procura’s EHR and comprehensive records management serves the Strategic needs of Executive Management’s and the operational needs of staff, clients and partner organizations.


A day in the life of Celltrak

All across North America homecare aides are helping deliver the best care possible with the use of CellTrak. CellTrak provides an integrated home health point-of-care mobility and administration system that enables efficiencies with scheduling, staff management, time and attendance, GPS and directions and delivering a patient-specific care plan at the point-of-care.

Today, tens of thousands of homecare aides, hospice aides, therapists, chaplains and nurses located in thousands of offices across North America deliver the best care most efficiently with CellTrak. With this “Day-in-the Life” of a homecare aide whitepaper, you will have the opportunity to experience CellTrak in action for homecare aides and their agencies. Today, millions of people are better off thanks to the use of CellTrak.

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