AEON Connected Health

AEON Connected Health offers nationwide access to a full range of telecom services, network management and security, and carrier-grade operations and billing support software (OSS and BSS) combined to deliver unmatched connectivity for health care organizations of all types and sizes.

With Internet Protocol -- or IP-based communication -- Internet, voice, video, text, and data can be combined and be delivered over the same network, and viewed on the same device. This is known as communications or digital convergence. Convergence is happening now, with services like Vonage, Skype, and Cisco’s Umi. Switching to an IP-based communication system can generate substantial cost savings for a health care organization. By replacing your traditional phone service with VoIP you can discontinue your local phone service and receive free toll and long-distance calling.

The same platform can support desktop and HD video-conferencing, IPTV, and internet radio. When integrated, these IP-based services become a Unified Communication system. A UC system consolidates the directory, routing and management of all communications - voice, video, images, text, or data - so that communication occurs in a timely, secure, and efficient way. IP-based communication services are well-suited to support the unique, daunting challenges facing health care organizations: Controlling costs. Expanding and improving care. Upgrading capabilities. When the administrative, operational, and clinical activities are “communication-enabled”, worker productivity and the quality of the output will increase with minimal increases, or even reductions, in expenses.

IP-based communications are well-suited to record and store data from patient encounters. Audio and video are recorded digitally, and can be stored on high-capacity drives either on-site or in the cloud. IP-based, all-digital communication systems with state-of-the-art managed network security, end-to-end data encryption, and highly discriminating system access controls are ideal for safeguarding and sharing PHI amongst caregivers. Each of the services can be delivered using AEON Connected Health’s own hardware, software, and network, or the vendor or carrier or service provider of your choice. Multi-vendor solutions cost less than single vendor ones, and typically meet a greater proportion of the customer’s needs.

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